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Our Story

I was inspired to begin the Alexander Okanlawon Autism Foundation (AOAF) by my brother, Alex whom has been blessed with autism since 1992. Alex is 24 years old and I love him with all of me. It is difficult having a family member with autism or any disability and it can affect you in two distinct ways.

For some people it affects them because they don’t understand what exactly is happening to the person or feel they cannot assist them.

Contrary to that, you can be affected in a great way, such as me.

I was about 8 years old when I knew of Alex’s condition but I felt an obligation, a duty to help my Mom. I always wondered why my brother look so normal but he couldn’t talk. Why did he wants all things in a certain order, always ate at the same time and knew the exact time to watch his favorite shows, etc but I never asked my mom but just was there to help. Being a care-giver is not easy and not for everyone but for those who do it well, we love it!!

Yes, as a relative, parent or sibling the trials are ever present but it hurts more when I see Alex struggling or going through the motions of autism and I can’t do anything but just watch. I sit back now and remember the years of work and smile when I see the great progress he has made and is enjoying now.




As a result of being directly affected with autism through my younger brother and being helped in various ways during the onset of his disability I have decided to become an advocate for the autism community.

More and more cases of autism and related disorders (Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome, PDD) are being announced and great attention is being placed on this community- so let’s do our part to and make a difference. As of 2014 the Centers for Disease Control identified that 1 in 66 are affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder and its 4 out 5 times more prevalent in boys. So if its not directly in your family, it may be a neighbor, friends, etc.

The AOA Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that seeks to promote awareness and educate the community on this growing epidemic.


The Alexander Okanlawon Autism Foundation is a working independently and collaborative with other organizations to promote awareness and provide assistance for families in need, educational items, respite service, support groups, etc.     

Within this process, autism may seem to have difficult times but overall its BEAUTIFUL and FUN!!

** Unlock the great potential within the individual** 

Love Alex & Jessica